Farida Abouel Dahab

This young woman's athletic journey started at the age of 3. The day she held her first squash racket there was no going back. After a major back injury that prevented her from working our regularly, Farida was introduced to yoga. Soon enough, she decided to quit her corporate job, take off to bali and take her yoga teacher training course. It was the best decision of her life!

She strongly believes in grey areas and that life doesn't have to black or white. You can be a yoga teacher and still enjoy a good party. Love your friends and still enjoy your own company. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a soft spot for ice cream. She believes in exceptions and setting your own rules as long as you don't do it at the  expense of others.

Lose all expectations. You can find yourself practicing to pretty much anything from Pink Floyd to The Weekend.

Co-founder / Yoga Teacher