The Two-Twenty is an upscale boutique fitness studio that offers a variety of classes for clients who want to workout in an exclusive and clean environment, have a good time, and witness results on their overall general health and looks.

In addition to the classes offered, the Two-Twenty additionally includes:

-       A wellness center where clients can regularly meet with qualified practitioners.

-       A wholesome healthy café, serving coffee, fresh juices, salads, and snacks.

-       A boutique with a display of fitness apparel, fitness equipment, ‘superfoods’, vitamins, and supplements

At the Two-Twenty, we believe that the wellness of the mind comes from the wellness of the body and vice versa. We work hard to give our customers a distinctive experience, starting with the ease of online registration, to the ambience of the studio, offering you a holistic and innovative approach. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle tone, or simply improve your overall appearance and health, we will have your fix. 


The Two-Twenty is conveniently located in Designia Mall in Alexandria, just 15 minutes from the town center and close to Alexandria City Center.